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Handcarved Sculpted Box Handcarved Box

Sculpted Wooden Boxes for Watches or Lockets

If your preference is for something that's both decorative for your home and practical, then VHE's sculpted wooden boxes in Angleton, TX, are for you! The lining of every drawer ensures that its contents are not damaged or scratched. So if you'd like to put jewelry or watches within, they'll be perfectly safe in our sculpted boxes. We can carve out secret drawers and compartments for things you'd like to keep extra secure, too.

Our unique wood designs can give your home that extra piece of artistic individuality as it sits atop a mantle, on a night table, or a dresser. The rich and vibrant colors you see on all our designs are not coated with stains or dyes, instead coated with natural waxes that protect the integrity of the wood and give it a smooth texture. We pride ourselves in using the most natural methods in our creations.

Artistic and Handcrafted Box

Artistic Touch: How We Craft

Our artistic edge has had previous customers comment that our work should be featured in art galleries, and indeed we have been invited to present our work by gallery owners. VHE's methods are unique themselves, as we pay close attention to the designs we put out. The way we finish our work involves special techniques in laminating, cutting, and sanding; this results in our spectacular pieces bearing the look of a beautiful, dimensional, hand-crafted treasure.

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