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Custom Pens Made from Wood Decorative and Custom Pens

Hand-Crafted Pens for You or Your Friends

Our Special Interest Pens are handcrafted pens in Angleton, TX, and made to suit your style. VHE encourages all customers to be creative and share even the smallest details they'd like to see on their pens. We've gotten requests for sports, the occult, and cowboy-themed pens. How cool would it be to have a pen that's so uniquely your own, or unique to the person receiving it? We can engrave names on the clips, bands, and end caps if you would like to personalize it further.

All of our pens are made of the highest quality, so you would be getting long-lasting pens made of the finest would and components on the market. You can choose to have your pen made with gold, titanium, or rhodium. The crystals in the designs you see on our pens are embedded with genuine Swarovski Crystals, too, so this is an option as well!

You can also order pens that are rollerball or fountain. Our fountain pens are made with high-quality German nibs. You can refill them with cartridges or bottled ink.

The cost of all pens is $65.00 and we cover the shipping cost.

Handcrafted Founten PenHandcrafted Rollerball Pen

Custom Wood Pen Decorative Detail on the Pen Decortive and Handcrafted Pen

Bullet Pens

For those of you that like to put a little zing into your things, we also craft Bullet pens. We can make different bullet models, and some of our designs are made from real bullet cartridges. So the metal parts of our pens can be made from gold, gun-metal, or Chrome.

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